Pure Oasis

The Pure Oasis mission is to improve lives through our work and philanthropy. We start with great product and finish with great experiences.

In addition to great products, we want to encourage education among adult-consumers. It is important to understand the latest consumption methods and safer alternatives to a healthy lifestyle. We are here to help!

We welcome adults at least 21 years of age and older who reside in or visit the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to visit our establishment.

Join us and experience a culture driven by integrity, a passion for economic empowerment, social justice, and a true appreciation for the cannabis plant.

Pure Oasis is Boston’s first Adult-Use Cannabis Retail Shop. We are Boston’s First Economic Empowerment Applicant licensed through the Cannabis Control Commission’s Social Equity program.

We are committed to treating our customers with respect and providing a positive experience during every visit to Pure Oasis. We will strive to provide safe, high-quality cannabis products, at affordable and competitive pricing.

We Aspire To

Jars of cannabis on table
  • Re-invest in local communities through entrepreneurship training and economic empowerment.
  • Support local events, that bring the community together for positive engagement.
  • Create partnerships with organizations that are the backbone of local public safety, youth enrichment and other areas of need.
  • Promote and Support Criminal Justice Reform.
  • Create new opportunities for people in our communities through meaningful employment, workforce training and development.